Chiz (aka Soul Master), Is A Fith Dimensional Imp. Tho He Does Not Know His Name Or His Whereabouts. He Has The Ability To Materialize, Dematiralize, Float, Possess, And Raise Things From The Dirt By Lifing His Hand. He Was A Well Known Assassin But Was Removed From The Order After The Incident, Then He Became A Soldier, But Is Now A Soul Explorer With His Volleyball "Wilson", He Is Also The World's Second Greatest Rhymer. He Is Also Known For Leading The Raid On An Abandoned Factory Agaainst ???1 And ???2. But They Didnt Die In The Raid. Little Else Is Known About Chiz Except For His Fire Puns And Ice Puns.

Adventures And Mischeif:

  • He Once Almost Got Killed By ???1 And 2 In An Abandoned Factory
  • He Killed A Cop Single Handedly
  • He Crashed 2 Helichoppers And He Blew Up A Barn
  • He Went On An Adventure In An Abandoned Dwarven Ruin With Alissa

One Liners/ Quotes:

"You Know What Really grinds My Gears YOU"

"Another Day Another Thing Blew Up"


"What Do You Mean And Who Are You?"

Random Things/ Shenanigans/ Unimportant Info:

Random Thing: Soul Explorer

Shenanigan: Likes To Matiralize Behind People And Scares Them

Relationship:Alissa Greene

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